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Dry Hair Routine

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Hairdresser approved haircare routine for dry hair that needs a bit of extra love.

This simple and natural routine consists of 4 products - shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and  a restorative hair mask that work in nourishing synergy and help to bring your hair back to life.

This haircare routine will cover your hair needs for 1-2 months and will keep your bathroom tidy - only the products your hairtype needs, nothing else!

What's in this hair routine?

1. Shampoo bar - choose from 2 options Bondi Beach or Botanical Repair

4. Detangling Conditioner Bar  - deeply nourishing and restorative, anti-static

3. Hair Repair Oil - apply daily from mid-length to hair ends depending on your hair thickness. The coarser the hair, the more oil it requires.

4. Brazilian Sun Hair Mask - use once per week for hair nutrition and softness boost


Full ingredient list

Please refer to the chosen products pages to see the full ingredients.

How to use

Shampoo Bar: massage the bar directly on wet hair until it forms a big lather. Work the lather through hair and rinse thoroughly. Repeat for a deeper purification.

Conditioner: apply by gliding the conditioner (bar) on hair until it is covered with a thin layer of product. Do not use on hair roots.

Hair Cream: Apply a small amount to dry hair in full length or just hair ends and let air dry.

Where and how is it made?

These products are hand-blend and artisan-made by us in Tallinn, Estonia.