Our ingredients

Haircare product do not necessarily need to include chemical active ingredients. We have chosen to go natural and plant-based. We use the most gentle lather ingredients derived from coconut producing big bubbles without the use of sulphates that strip natural oils from the scalp and hair. We use plant-based probiotic cultures to keep our products safe and preserve the natural microflora of the scalp.

Cold-pressed oils and butters

Our oils and butters are cold-pressed and unrefined preserving the characteristic scent, vitamins and antioxidants. Most of our oils and butters are organic.

We use:

coconut oil
macadamia nut oil
sweet almond oil
argan oil
babassu seed oil
acai oil
tomato seed oil
cupuacu butter
shea butter
cocoa butter
abyssinian oil
passionfruit oil
moringa oil
mango butter

Vegan actives

All of our active ingredients are plant-based for your comfort and safety.

We use:

aloe vera leaf juice, organic
chamomile extract
chamomile water, organic
matcha tea powder, organic
vegan keratin (mixed wheat, corn, soy proteins)
lactobacillus ferment
panthenol (provitamin B5)
coconut extract
maca extract
hair guar
French green clay
rose petals powder
oat proteins
charcoal powder
sea algea extract
castor oil esters