About us

Meet the founder

Pure Shores artisan began when I got myself interested in organic chemistry, obtained a master degree, researched DNA for some time and alongside developed an understanding of how beauty products actually work.

I have a difficult hair type - fine, flat and heavy. I had really struggled to find a shampoo that would cleanse my hair without it becoming oily 3 hours later, while making it thick and voluminous. Do you know what I mean? After having my first daughter, I started to experiment with some home-made shampoo bars. I learned that solid shampoo is not only extremely effective but also environmentally-friendly and zero waste. I started to see results quite soon and have not stopped making shampoo bars since then.

My 2 year-old daughter who has the same hair type motivated me on this journey that would eventually become Pure Shores artisan. 

Where we are today

Today we have an artisan workshop in Peetri, close to the capital of Estonia. Here we hand-craft and hand-blend all the shampoos and conditioners using the best ingredients available. Why waste another day on bad hair? Join me on this great haircare journey.

- Alevtina Peek

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