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Curly Hair Routine

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Hairdresser approved haircare routine for curly hair for maintaining that frizz and let your hair shine.

This simple and natural routine consists of 3 products - shampoo, conditioner and hair oil that work in nourishing synergy.

This haircare routine will cover your hair needs for 1-2 months and will keep your bathroom tidy - only the products your hairtype needs, nothing else!

What's in this hair routine?

1. Botanical Repair Shampoo bar - secret favourite of curly hair ladies for its smoothing anti-frizz effect 

2. Detangling Conditioner Bar  - deeply nourishing and restorative, anti-static

3. Hair Repair Oil - apply daily from mid-length to hair ends depending on your hair thickness. The coarser the hair, the more oil it requires. Try also as an overnight mask.


Full ingredient list

Please refer to the chosen products pages to see the full ingredients.

How to use

Shampoo Bar: massage the bar directly on wet hair until it forms a big lather. Work the lather through hair and rinse thoroughly. Repeat for a deeper purification.

Conditioner: apply by gliding the conditioner (bar) on hair until it is covered with a thin layer of product. Do not use on hair roots.

Hair Cream: Apply a small amount to dry hair in full length or just hair ends and let air dry.

Where and how is it made?

These products are hand-blend and artisan-made by us in Tallinn, Estonia.